A matching game for younger players with a few fun chemical surprises!
2 to 4 Players Ages 4+ 15 Minutes


Game Rules:
Start with twenty-five (25) cards in five (5) rows, face down.
Youngest player goes first; each player has one turn; play moves clockwise.
Turn over any two cards.
If the two cards match, keep them and add two new cards to the rows.
If the cards do not match, turn them face down again.
If a player matches Special Action cards, take the action and then discard them.
Continue until all matching pairs are taken; the player with the most matches wins.

Simplified Game Rules:
Start by removing the four (4) Special Action Cards and three (3) Wild Cards.

What to Notice:
Solids have Orange backgrounds
Liquids have Blue backgrounds
Gasses have Gray backgrounds
Compound formulas are shown.
Pictures of the real compounds are next to each character.
Compound characters are designed to look like space-filling (CPK) models of each compound.